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All Intruder and Hold Up Alarm* systems installed within the European Union must meet fundamental standards in order to be accepted by insurance companies and to be allowed to summon a police response. The European standard applicable to Intruder and Hold Up Alarms is the EN50131 series. Each country in Europe often has its own individual requirements which alarm systems must also comply with. In the UK these additional standards are represented by the PD6662 and BS8243 standards.


From the 1st June 2012, all new Intruder and Hold Up Alarms will be designed and installed to the EN50131:2006 standard in accordance with PD6662:2010 and BS8243 for police calling systems. DD243 is a Code of Practice for the installation and configuration of intruder alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarms. This Code of Practice supplements PD6662 and EN50131.