Ace Security - Security Solutions

At the heart of the system is the control unit allowing the customer to manually switch on/off the lighting whenever maybe necessary or put into "auto" mode where the lighting will only operate at night when there is activity in the protected area. There is also a facility to warn the occupiers of activity around the building, day or night, by use of an audible tone. The control unit can be split into zones if an application requires that the front lighting of the building needs to operate seperate from the rear, for example. The control unit will also display which detector, or group of detectors is currently being violated, night or day. Ace Security lighting systems can also be used to switch Digital Video Recorders for CCTV systems that require alarm recording.

  External Lighting Systems   

Ace Security install professional outdoor lighting systems enabling the customer to have full control over their perimeter illumination. These systems incorporate multi-zone control units enabling specified detectors to switch on specified lighting. This system is a total solution to exterior lighting and is flexible, reliable and cost effective.Each detector head is positioned in a suitable location to cover the area that requires protection. The heads have a 35 metre range with a 90 degree angle of detection. Each head is fully weatherproof to IP55 and is discreet and of attractive design. Any type of lighting may be used up to the controllers switching capacity, from low wattage ornamental fittings to high output Halogen units. Additional switching units are used for managing high loads.