Ace Security - Security Solutions

GSM Text Signalling - Ace Security now offer a reporting device which connects to your Security System, without the need for a telephone line. This device will send SMS Text messages to up to 8 recipients' mobile telephones in the event of any alarm condition. This low cost form of Monitoring, with no monthly or annual fees, can be connected to Fire Alarms, Fridge Alarms, or virtually any equipment with an alarm output. Ideal for Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Narrowboats for example, where alarm monitoring is required but a phone line connection is not possible.

  Domestic Alarm Systems   

Ace Security have installed 1000's of domestic Security Systems. A full range of Control Equipment is available offering ease of operation, full control and lots of added features to ensure the customer gains the most from an Ace Security Alarm System. Ace Security only install the very latest in detection technology. All Ace Security Passive Infra-Red, Dual Technology, and Anti-Pet detectors are tested and proven ensuring that the detectors are reliable, stable and trouble free.